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Book Author: Marielle DeGrace


Summary of the book:

Timothy Melanson, a young Acadian from Dieppe, New Brunswick, has messed up big time shoplifting. He is obliged to do community service all summer at a non-profit organization, the ‘Flower of Love’ shrine. With the organization founder’s help and teachings, Timothy will experience love, judgment-free consideration, authenticity, and genuine friendship. He will become more enlightened as his perspective on life in general and on his own personal life both change for the better. What is the Flower of Love? From community service for shoplifting to more positive adventures and commitment to his own betterment, what will he experience, now that he has woken to his Love essence? 

The Flower of Love Shrine, a path to a new life

SKU : 978-1-7779358-0-1
  • Book with a soft cover measuring 5 x 8 in.  Weight 0.35 lb.  144 pages.

    Le livre à reliure souple mesure 12,7 cm x 20,2 cm x 0,8 cm. Le poids est 158 g.  144 pages.

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